About Us

Cathy & Randy

Randy and Cathy collectively boast over 50 years of residence in Southern Arizona, characterized by a mix of continuous and intermittent stays. Randy’s Tucson roots can be traced back to his primary school years when his family relocated from California. In contrast, Cathy graduated high school in Safford but returned to Tucson in 2012, assuming an executive role overseeing the Human Resources department at Tucson Electric Power. Following her retirement in 2022, she has dedicated herself full-time to her pursuits in real estate and Home Watch services.

Randy brings a wealth of experience from his extensive years in law enforcement and his expert testimony business. As avid golfers and outdoor enthusiasts with a deep appreciation for the desert’s beauty, they share a common passion. Their entry into real estate investing, initially a hobby, has naturally evolved into a substantial aspect of their business.

Given their diverse backgrounds, wealth of experience, and genuine interest in offering essential services, the expansion of their Home Watch business emerged as a seamless fit for Randy and Cathy.


Industy Insight

professionalism and accreditation

1. Experience and Expertise

Our extensive experience is at your service. Having been in your position as remote second homeowners and vacation rental property owners, we understand the challenges of dealing with uncertainties during monsoon storms, fires, and other unforeseen events. This firsthand experience has finely tuned our understanding of your specific needs. Furthermore, our backgrounds in real estate and law enforcement guarantee the utmost professionalism in keeping a watchful eye on your property, always with security in mind.

2. Realtor Networking and Client Connections

Being a realtor, Cathy frequently encounters inquiries from clients seeking reliable property management services. Upon researching the available options, we found that the offerings in the home watch industry were quite limited. By establishing a home watch business in Tucson, we aim to bridge this gap and offer an essential service to both current and prospective clients. This not only strengthens our existing real estate connections but also opens doors to new client relationships.

3. Combined Expertise, Trustworthiness, and Peace of Mind

Cathy’s background as a retired corporate executive, complemented by her current role as a realtor, and Randy’s former law enforcement experience, uniquely position us to skillfully manage and operate a home watch business. Rest assured, we are not only highly skilled but also fully bonded, insured, and accredited by the National Association of Home Watch Professionals. This accreditation underscores our commitment to industry excellence and adherence to the highest standards.

Our comprehensive approach provides an extra layer of security for our clients’ properties. Our combined expertise, coupled with the added peace of mind of our bonding, insurance policies, and accreditation, instill trust and confidence in our clients. Our clients can take comfort in knowing that our client’s properties are in capable and reliable hands.

We founded Peace of Mind Home Watch Services with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by absentee homeowners. Cathy, who is a licensed Real Estate professional, often received requests from clients who needed help in protecting their homes while they were away. As owners of vacation rental properties ourselves, we also understand the importance of overseeing properties to ensure positive guest experiences. Drawing from our own experiences, we saw an opportunity to provide a personalized touch to our customers. Cathy, a retired Human Resources executive, and Randy, a retired law enforcement officer, bring a wealth of expertise to our services.